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Legal Advice on Commercial Transactions

Large and Small Scale of Commercial Legal Works

Our lawyers represent Hong Kong and international businesses or corporations on legal aspects of various transactional matters. Whether routine legal transactions arising from daily business operations or a high stakes transaction your business is facing, we can give our legal help.

Sound and Practical Legal Advice

We provide sound and practical legal advice putting your business decisions in the right legal perspective. Our lawyers can take part in your business negotiations by offering your sensible legal advice and assistance. We also strive to provide you and your business with prompt and trusted legal advice using our legal expertise.

Types of Contracts, Commercial & Company Legal Services

Our lawyers welcome your instructions to prepare the following types of commercial or compnay contracts and give legal advice to you:

  • shareholders' agreements
  • corporate secretarial matters
  • partnership agreements
  • transfer of business or chattels
  • director's share option schemes
  • employment contracts
  • corporate re-structuring
  • joint ventures or cooperation agreements
  • buy back arrangements
  • mergers & acquisitions
  • corporate rescue and insolvency/liquidations
  • manufacturing agreements
  • distributorship agreements
  • franchising agreements
  • licensing contracts
  • technology contracts
  • deregistration of companies and their re-activation
  • intellectual property rights protection and advancement

Civil Litigation, Mediation, Contractual Disputes & Civil Frauds in Hong Kong. Our Litigation Lawyers help

Civil Litigations in Hong Kong

Civil litigation results in significant legal costs and time. Experienced and responsible lawyers try to avoid litigations or court proceedings. Our lawyers will advise their clients to avoid disputes. Our litigation lawyers help clients to study and analyze the matters, finding out their legal strength and weakness, applying the relevant laws and recognize the possible legal consequences.

Litigation is unavoidable in some cases. Our experienced litigation lawyers deal in litigation issues arising out of breach of contract, civil fraud or torts, negligence or breach of fiduciary duty. Further information www.hongkonglitigation.com

Mediation and Arbitration

These are means of disputes resolutions on legal battles serving as alternatives to litigations (ADR). Consult our litigation lawyers further for your legal need.

Contractual Disputes

Business relationships between two or more parties must be defined carefully to protect the rights of all the parties. A contractual dispute arises when one of the parties breaks the terms or conditionsin the contract. This has a harmful impact on the others.

Civil Fraud and Criminal Theft

When a commercial entity such as a company makes a false representation of a material fact and it causes physical or financial harm, civil fraud occurs. Our commercial lawyers help their clients to get adequate compensation for the harm caused due to the negligence of the commercial entity. This can be done by commencing a civil litigation in Court and obtaining court's injunction to freeze the fraud proceeds.

Quite often, civil fraud carries criminality, we help client to make a report to the police, ICAC or other law enforcement agencies.

Commercial Disputes and Resolutions

Our Lawyers

Lawyers of Yip, Tse & Tang can provide one with the useful legal advice and help in resolving all the issues involving legal procedures and methods. Let us know your legal problem in your business and ask our legal opinions. The main purpose of hiring us as your lawyer is to ensure that your problem is understood and appropriate legal measures are taken to resolve it. Don't waste time in pondering it. ACT NOW!

Need Of Legal Experts in Commerce/Business

All businesses need lawyers to handle their routine legal matters in commerce in a competitive and economic manner. These include drafting contracts, getting legal advice, preventing disputes and resolving disputes.

Our commercial lawyers are well equipped to make a constructive representation in accordance with the client’s goals and objectives. We are well experienced to resolve the various issues through mediation, litigation, negotiation, or arbitration. A good commercial lawyer also defends his client’s case vigorously in all types of trials and appeals.

Find a Good Drafter on commercial legal documents

A Good Drafter on commercial legal documents

To draft a contract well, a drafter must know the rules of good writing and more. Among other things, a drafter on commercial legal matters must:

  • understand the business deal
  • know how to use the contract concepts to reflect the parties’ deal accurately; and 
  • be able to draft and recognize nuances in language that change the deal. 

In addition, a good drafter knows how to add value to a deal by discerning and resolving business issues. 

We have the required skills and are ready to serve your legal needs.

Common Mistakes in Contract Drafting

Losses Resulting from a Bad Contract

A contract is a legal document binding you and another party to certain obligations. This is very important on commercial transactions. Merchants rely on contracts to enforce their legal rights. Making one tiny mistake in drafting a contract could mean a lot to a business:

  1. loss of time in disputes when time can be spent in business course
  2. loss of money in disputing through legal proceedings
  3. loss of reputation due to publicity of disputes
  4. loss of customers if the dispute relates to your customers. 

Before you sit down to create a contract, take some time to learn the most common mistakes business owners make when they're drafting a contract.

6 Common Mistakes on Drafting Commercial Contracts

Mistake #1: Being unprepared. 

Insufficient facts, figures, and data. Insufficient understanding of costs, due dates, obligations, responsibilities

Mistake #2: Not binding as a "contract." 

Contract has a legal meaning in law. If you don't put sufficient elements in it, it fails to be enforced in court.

Mistake #3: Terms too vague. 

The terms and clauses are too wide or too vague to cover sufficient matters. It therefore leaves much room for disputes or arguments. Some are supplemented by oral terms which become factually arguable.

Mistake #4: Confusing wording. 

Sentences are too brief or unclear. At times, wrong wordings or words are used. Terms are drafted in bad English or incomprehensible terminologies.

Mistake #5: Too hurried. 

Parties rushed to sign the contracts just want to get the deal done as quickly as possible. Many terms are left opened and undecided. This results in room for disputes.

Mistake #6: Not using a lawyer.

You can prepare a draft or set out your most important terms and conditions. But you should always find a lawyer to review the final document. If you don't know a thing, you just don't know. Don't think that you are as good as a lawyer. It's better to be overly cautious now than to be sorry later. A dispute can cost 10 or even a hundred times of your legal expenses. A lawyer makes a little less but a dispute can ruin your life or cost your entire business.

Corporate & Commercial Legal Matters

Our Corporate & Commercial Legal Practice handles major aspects of business, financing, corporate structuring, acquisition and disposition of assets and shares, joint ventures and cooperation issues facing businesses.

Area of our Legal Practice

Our legal practice in this area includes the following:

  • Restore a dissolved company www.RestoreCompany.com
  • Company secretarial services 
  • Commercial agreements, including distributorship and franchising contracts, agency contracts, construction contracts, agreements for the sale, purchase or manufacture of goods, and management and consulting contracts 
  • Corporate assets or shares purchase and disposition 
  • Corporate organization and reorganizations 
  • Establishment and maintenance of corporate structures using Hong Kong and offshore entities 
  • Intellectual property matters including registration, licensing, protection and enforcement of trademark rights, patents, registered design and other intellectual property rights 
  • Joint ventures 
  • Labour and employment issues 
  • Liquidation and winding-up of companies 
  • Corporate mergers and acquisitions 
  • Venture capital and private equity transactions