Hong Kong Notary Public | Apostille Service to legalize your oversea transaction documents

You may need a Notary Public:

  • To certify identity.
    As a person: This can be a person or a company. A person's identity usually involves his identity documents such as passport and citizen ID cards.
    As a company: A company's identity refers to its registration documents e.g. certificate of incorporation and business registration records.
  • Dealing with legal requirements in international business transactions. The range of the category is wide. It can be in any forms of commercial transactions, sales and purcahses.
  • When buying property abroad: title or mortgages as required by the foreign laws
  • To witness Powers of Attorney, authorisation or agent appointment
  • When setting up a business or company abroad
  • To sponsor relatives from abroad
  • When adopting children
  • When dealing with travel documentation and work permits

For legal documents to be used internationally:

USA, Canada, European countries, Russia, South America, Middle East, Africa, Taiwan, Macau and other Asia regions/countries. We have 2 full-time notary public.

Notary Service Fee: HK$900 or up. 

Speedy same-day or immediate Service for Simple Documents and Witnessing (requiring a Notary's attestation or signature) for no extra charge.

CALL  6888-9999 (Miss Law, our notary assistant) English/Cantonese.

In case Miss Law cannot be reached, please: leave your voice message for call back  or

complete an online enquiry form.