Objectives or Purposes on Setting Up a Family Trust in Hong Kong

Trusts have multiple objectives or purposes. When setting up a Family Trust in Hong Kong, a settlor usually has the following in mind as the consideration factors:

Family Wealth

  • To help manage family wealth
  • To keep family wealth consolidated
  • To preserve the family wealth
  • To protect the family wealth
  • As a vehicle to foster the stewardship of family wealth
  • To help fund family member's new ventures

Save Costs & Avoid Troubles

  • To avoid arguments within the family
  • To pass on family values
  • To avoid probate
  • To provide confidentiality

Beneficiaries & Well Being

  • Enhance the lives of the beneficiaries
  • As an emergency fund for the family
  • To protect young beneficiaries
  • To make provisions for Settlor's incapacity
  • To make provisions for surviving spouse

Family Business

  • Succession planning purposes 
  • To help continue the family business


  • For charitable and / or philanthropic purposes